1/28/18 Emmanuel Baptist Church Morning Worship


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20 Responses

  1. Gary Mullins says:

    Beautiful ???

  2. Amanda Adams says:

    I love this. Praise the Lord!

  3. Wish we were there this morning! Hi Amanda! Love you friend ❤️

  4. Amanda Adams says:

    Hey Brittany! I love you!

  5. How is the audio and video this morning?

  6. Linda Means says:

    I am at home with cellulitis in my right foot. So I need to hear our minister bring the message.

  7. Linda Means says:

    Very sharp.

  8. Sounds and looks awesome Greg!!!

  9. We really enjoyed the sermon. Thank you!

  10. Gary Mullins says:

    Great job camera ? crew!!!?

  11. Looks good! Very clear 🙂

  12. Good job Bless you all

  13. Eric Banks says:

    Always good to hear you preach bro

  14. Linda Crowe says:

    The sound and picture was great. Enjoyed the singing and preaching.

  15. Praise the Lord for this day

  16. So clear comming in here in Dayton, Ohio

  17. Miss you all. ?

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