Emmanuel Baptist Church 1/14/18


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  1. Haha! Aaron Raider the 5:40 mark ?? too bad our internet connection was bad this morning and the video was blurry!!!!

  2. Vickie Wood says:

    Hope you offer this every service!

  3. Vickie Wood says:

    I hope you offer this every service! I have received such a blessing!!!

  4. Vickie Wood says:

    Thank you so much I sure have enjoyed this today!!!

  5. Vickie Wood says:

    Yes Jesus Thank You! Praise you Lord and Saviour!!

  6. Vickie Wood says:

    Thank you for sharing!!!!

  7. Wayne Keeton says:

    Sounds good.

  8. We lost the stream for a minute. It’s back up now. Sorry.

  9. I’ve lost you!

  10. Thank you for streaming this

  11. Teddy Hunt says:

    I’m watching, thanks for streaming!!!

  12. Good morning

  13. Nice to be able to listen when I can’t be there.

  14. Audio is good. Video is really blurry.

  15. Good now

  16. My picture is blurry though

  17. Audios good

  18. Rhonda Gould says:

    Watching this morning.

  19. Is the audio better this morning?

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