Emmanuel Baptist Church 1/14/18


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21 Responses

  1. Is the audio better this morning?

  2. Watching this morning.

  3. My picture is blurry though

  4. Audio is good. Video is really blurry.

  5. Nice to be able to listen when I can’t be there.

  6. Good morning

  7. Teddy Hunt says:

    I’m watching, thanks for streaming!!!

  8. Thank you for streaming this

  9. I’ve lost you!

  10. We lost the stream for a minute. It’s back up now. Sorry.

  11. Sounds good.

  12. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  13. Yes Jesus Thank You! Praise you Lord and Saviour!!

  14. Thank you so much I sure have enjoyed this today!!!

  15. I hope you offer this every service! I have received such a blessing!!!

  16. Hope you offer this every service!

  17. Haha! Aaron Raider the 5:40 mark ?? too bad our internet connection was bad this morning and the video was blurry!!!!

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