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Denisovan Fossil Found in Tibet

At a Glance New Denisovan Fossil Found in Tibet Instead of agreeing with the evolutionary paradigm, it raises more questions. Morphometric analyses of the jawbone and teeth are within the range of or consistent...


So, Who’s Really Anti-Science?

Christine Quinn, a board member of the National Institute for Reproductive Health and a former Democratic politician, recently appeared on a CNN TV show with host Chris Cuomo (brother to Andrew Cuomo, the governor...


Should Christians “Love a Tree”?

April 26 is Arbor Day, and May 16 is “Love a Tree Day.” Trees are symbols of life, seen most literally in depictions of our family trees—an image of growth, connection, and rootedness. But...


How Many Times Was Jesus Anointed?

When we hear of alleged Bible contradictions, and then carefully examine the passages in question, we find that they are not really contradictions at all. One such supposed contradiction is that the Gospel accounts...

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