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Introduction The earliest explorers of Canada and the Arctic regions of North America found the knowledge of the flood among all the tribes they met, in remarkable correspondence with the […]
Introduction Do you know who the original inhabitants of the United States were? They are known as the First Nations peoples, and they include many tribes spread across this vast […]
This paper examines the chronology of the Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid Empires and weighs Martin Anstey’s claim that the Ptolemy’s Royal Canon includes 82 fabricated years of Persian history in order […]
The history of the mutation theory as the foundation of the source of new genetic information is reviewed. The importance of mutations as the source of genetic change for evolution […]
Most geologists today are uniformitarians; that is, they believe that past geological processes occurred uniformly in the past at much the same intensities and rates as today, punctuated of course […]