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Yeast (or at least its products) has been known and loved by human beings since ancient times. Yeasts (Fig. 1) are mentioned in the Bible, and the word leaven is […]
A very controversial issue within the church today involves the question of millions of years of animal death, disease, predation, extinction and other natural evils such earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. […]
Over the last two hundred years, critical scholars have claimed that the Pentateuch, or Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy), was not completed until the postexilic period (c. 587–538 BC). For example, […]
While the immune system does not tend to feature prominently in creation science discussions, creation scientists have done good work in answering questions related to the immune system. In the […]
Ticks are notorious for their capability of transmitting diseases that have debilitated humanity for thousands of years. They can confer lifelong chronic ailments via pathogenic bacterial species that they harbor […]