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Does God Hear?

Many churches now place a heavy emphasis on praise and worship music in their services. While God loves good music, it’s important to make sure our priorities line up with Scripture. What does God...


Image of God

You are special. Perhaps you’ve heard this from a parent, teacher, or member of your family. You received numerous compliments as the result of a special talent or accomplishment. Someone encouraged you because of...


Is Gravity a Force?

Flat-earthers are fond of dismissing gravity by quoting prominent physicists saying that gravity is not a force. “What!?” you may ask. When did this change? And if gravity is not a force, what is...


Fins to Limbs?

According to the evolutionary story, a gradual process of random mutations created all the diversity in the world. Such a fantastic story requires evidence to back it up, much of which is spurious at...

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