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Impact Millions with Pro-life Exhibit

This month, we are publicly launching a very special, much-needed, and powerful project for an end-of-year challenge. I believe you’ll truly be excited by what we’ve planned—I’m certainly excited! I can’t wait! Let me...


Was Charles Darwin a Christian?

Much has been written about the religious views of Charles Darwin. What exactly did he believe and when? Did he “reject” Christianity? Was he out to “destroy” Christianity, as some in the Church have...


Plant Communication: Into the Roots

Plant Communication in Different Scenarios In some cases, plants communicate but are not exchanging warnings. A parasitic plant may communicate with its host plant. A parasitic plant is a plant that uses resources obtained...


Paganism: Out of the Shadows

We Love Sin! A young girl named Rachel decided to serve as a counselor at a Christian camp in the summer of 2014. She expected the usual mix of Christians who wanted to grow...

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